2015 ICF World Championships,
Racice, Czech Republic

Dragon Boats in Warsaw

Dragon Boats at the Spójnia Warszawa Sports Club were established in 2004 on the initiative of several enthusiasts, former canoeists and kayakers from Warsaw sport clubs - Skra, Marymont, Drukarz, WTW and Spójnia. Our training area is the Żerański Canal in Warsaw.

Currently, over 50 people, of various levels of sports advancement and age, actively participate in training and competitions on behalf of our team. Our team has grown over the years and now there are several boats going down during each training session, so there is a good dose of adrenaline and sports competition on them. Our group consists of people of all sexes and ages from 12 to 70 years old.

The main goal of Smocze Łodzie Spójnia Warszawa, as a sports club, is to increase our sports capabilities and achieve the best results, breaking barriers as a team and as individual members. We participate in many races in Poland and abroad, representing Spójnia Warszawa, as well as being the core of the Polish national team. We successfully participate in the European and Dragon Boat World Championships.

Look for us at dragon boat competitions around the world.

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2012 EDBF European Championships,
Nottingham, England

Our Association

Stowarzyszenie Spójnia Smocze Łodzie
Plac Przymierza 8, suite 25
PL03944 Warsaw, Poland 

Registered in the National Court Register of the Warsaw District Court, XIII Commercial Department of the National Court Register, under no. KRS: 0000387167 
NIP (TIN): 1132836055
REGON: 142952791

Bank Account for payments:
Bank: Nest Bank S.A.
Bank Account (IBAN): PL78 1870 1045 2078 1070 6352 0001

Team Members

Artur Dyjewski
Coach and Captain
Our "Złotka"
Our Golden Women's Team
Marek Łbik
Olympic Silver Medalist
Seul, 1988
Daniel Jędraszko
Olympic Silver Medalist
Sydney, 2000

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