Frequently Asked Questions

  • What is the address of the marina?
    Our marina is located in Warsaw at 16 Modlińska Street (at the Żerański Canal). Canoeists, rowers and water skiers also have their base in this area.
  • What is the training schedule?
    We train four times a week in the period March - October:
    Tuesdays and Thursdays - from 7pm, and
    Saturdays and Sundays - from 11am.
    However, we invite you to the marina a bit earlier - 15 minutes is enough. The training usually takes about 90 minutes, of which about 60 minutes are spent paddling.
  • I have never trained canoeing. Can I try paddle with you?
    Of course, what a question!
    Training in the past of canoeing or any other competitive sport will certainly not hurt, but in our group there are many people who have never trained any sport in their youth. What really counts is willingness and commitment. If you have fortitude, you will definitely be up to the challenge.
  • Do I have to notify in advance that I will come to training for the first time?
    There is no such necessity, but it would be nice if you send us an e-mail ( with the information that you will participate. You can also send any questions or concerns that arise before training to the same e-mail address. Alternatively, you can send a message on FB.
  • How much cost a dragon boat practice?
    The first training sessions, on a trial basis, cost you nothing. If you like this sport and stay with us for longer you will be obliged to pay quarterly fees in the amount of PLN 150 throughout the year. These contributions are used to pay for our marina and expenses related to our equipment (dragon boats, paddles, life vests, etc).
  • How should I dress for training?
    Clothing is a very broad subject but we must warn you here - it is a wet sport and there is a high probability that you will get wet during training. So, first of all, you should have a change of clothes and shoes after training.You should wear sports clothes for training - depending on the weather, T-shirts and shorts in the summer or long-sleeved T-shirts, sweatshirt, long leggings and a hat in lower temperatures. In addition, you will need sneakers that will not slip - they will definitely be wet after training because in the boat there is always some water at the bottom. Do not wear too thick. Training requires a lot of effort, so the body will not have a chance to cool down too much.
  • Do I have to bring my own paddle?
    Newcomers get a paddle for training at no cost. After some time, you will decide whether you want to have your own paddle fitted to your personal preferences (brand, weight, guidance in the water and the twist of the handle). Until then, you don't have to worry about the paddle. We also provide dragon boats for training, which we purchased from our team members' monthly contributions
  • I can not swim. Can I practice in a life jacket?
    Not being able to swim is not an obstacle in training dragon boating. We have life jackets in various sizes adapted to kayaking. If you are under 18, you will have to wear a life jacket for training - this requirement applies to juniors even at the Dragon Boat World Championships. A dragon boat overturn is a very rare case and is experienced rather by amateur crews, who in panic burden one side of the boat. However, you are not likely to be affected. You will be practice together with experienced athletes so the risk of capsizing is limited but not eliminated.
  • I have other questions / doubts. How can I get in touch?
    The best way is to send us an e-mail or by message on FB. We regularly check our mailbox.

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